Pastor John and Priscilla Yamin

The journey began for us, John and Priscilla Yamin, in 1978 when we received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Desiring all that God had for us, we also received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

Within several months, the Lord began to deal with us to leave our successful greyhound racing business. It also became clear to us that God had a call on our lives. He had a plan for us and it did not include greyhound racing and gambling. Within a month, it was clear to us that the Lord was asking for everything in order for His plan to become our plan. We had told Him earlier we wanted all He had for us. We learned that God does take us at our word. The Holy Spirit showed us to Mark 10:29 and made it real to us. We sold all the assets of the business plus our personal belongings for cash and sowed it into the kingdom of God and the Gospel.

He directed John to attend the Institute of Ministry at Gospel Crusade in Bradenton, Florida. Afterward, John also completed the Berean School of the Bible, Springfield, Missouri and received credentials with the Assemblies of God. We returned to Calvary Assembly in Orlando, Florida where we had begun our journey. For 3 years the Lord allowed us to serve in the ministry of helps, hospital visitation, praying for the sick, nursing home ministry, delivering meals on wheels to the elderly and serving as prayer ministers after regular services and specials events. In addition, we served as home group leaders in couples ministry. We were blessed in that all the members of our group became home group leaders.John also had the opportunity to serve on the janitorial and maintenance staff for 2 years. We had the added blessing of conducting marriage seminars for young couples. In 1983, God called us to just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to plant a church called Calvary Christian Center. There we experienced blessing upon blessing as we saw hundreds receive the Lord Jesus, many equipped for ministry, and healing and deliverance beyond our expectation.

After 12 years in Pennsylvania and 2 years in New Haven, Connecticut where John was Senior Associate in a church of 2500, we returned to Orlando, Florida. There we founded John Yamin Ministries. In 2013, God called us back to Pennsylvania to plant Word of Life Family Fellowship. We have 6 grown children, who are a blessing to us at all times. We have 5 beautiful grand children to love at all times. After all these years, we can say that our Lord has always been faithful and is faithful and always will be faithful because we have seen His faithfulness and lived in it for over 38 years.